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Rental Booking Terms & Conditions

I understand that riding in a Hookah Exoticzz vehicle is a potentially dangerous activity. I understand that the vehicle may need to stop suddenly and without warning. Riding without a selt belt, standing, and walking in a moving vehicle is inherently dangerous. I understand that the floor and steps in the vehicle may be slippery, particularly if it is raining. I understand that alcohol consumption makes such inherently dangerous conditions more dangerous for me.

I assume the risk that I may be injured while using Hookah Exoticzz services. I assume all risks associated with my use of the Hookah Exoticzz services as well as all risk of loss, theft, or damage of personal property while using or present on the Hookah Exoticzz vehicle or at the establishments/locations where the vehicle may visit. I will not bring any action against Hookah Exoticzz, its employees, agents, successors, and/ or assigns, for personal injury, property loss, or property damage, including any action for negligence, breach of warranty, products liability, or strict liability, and hereby forever waive, on my own behalf and on behalf of my successors and/or assigns, the right to bring such action. I affirm that I am at least eighteen years of age and sound and sober mind and am capable of making this decision. Further, I agree that I understand all the language in this document and what I am doing and agreeing not to do by signing this document. If I did not fully understand what this document means, I would not have signed this document or used the Hookah Exoticzz vehicle.
1. All riders must be 18 years of age or older
2. No one under the age of 21 is permitted to consume alcohol inside the vehicle at any time violations of this will result in immediate termination of your ride without a REFUND.
3. NO SMOKING or EATING inside vehicle violations will result in a $450 fine per occurrence
4. To ensure safety for passengers and employees please remain seated while the vehicle is moving no standing while the vehicle is moving.
5. There is a $350 cleaning fee for vomiting incidents, excessive trash, and spills along with any vehicle/ property damages of any kind.
6. Any disrupted behavior or illegal activities will result in immediate removal from the vehicle at the driver’s discretion NO REFUNDS will be issued for this.
7. Hookah Exoticzz will try and be flexible for extended booking time but can’t guarantee it extensions if approved will incur the charge of $150 per hour over the agreed time fee. By agreeing to extended services the customer will be charged the extended time fee via Credit Card.
8. A 50% NON- REFUNDABLE deposit is required to secure all booking dates, remaining balances are due 48 hours prior to your Hookah Exoticzz on the go booking date.

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Reservations Form


We would love to know how you heard about us.


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Liquor Experience

Hookah Exoticzz Liquor Experience - Get your favorite liquor flavor in your hookah experience.

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Please give us a brief description of your plans. If you have an itinerary, please provide it to the driver on pick up.

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